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Clever, Creative, and Caffeinated

Principal & Founder, Matt Cooper’s passion was obvious from a young age when administrators handed him the figurative keys to the neglected high school auditorium. Matt organized and rehabbed gear, enlisted the help of fellow students and squeezed every ounce of potential from that Little Theater That Could.

While he still enjoys hands-on work, his natural talent for entertainment lighting led him to open his own shop in 2018. Matt was energized by the challenges of themed attraction projects, the mix of artistic disciplines and the thrill of collaboration with other artists. His passion lies in the story-telling. “Lighting is such an easy way to steer the emotions of guests and transport them to a different place. It’s the biggest bang for your buck.” Says Cooper. His scrappy budgeting and out-of-the-box problem solving has come to the rescue of many theme parks and family entertainment centers.